The Activist Think Tank - NGARA is from the Darug language. It means to listen, hear and think.

The activist Think Tank

NGARA is from the Darug language. It means to listen, hear and think.


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  • Join the Evans Head Café Conversation, Betsy Café 22nd October 3:00 pm
  • Intellectual self-defence
  • Promote equality for a more just, peaceful and sustainable future!



Ngara Institute's Mission Statement

The Ngara Institute is a not-for-profit activist think tank which puts people, communities and the planet before increasingly predatory capitalism. We offer an intellectual and engaging space to critically reflect on how we can achieve a more just, peaceful and sustainable world based on the common good rather than private interest.

The Purpose of the institute is to:

  • Provide a counter-narrative to the views and opinions of Australian neoliberal think tanks
  • Foster critical thinking about local, national and international issues such as peace, globalisation, diminishing democracy, climate change, financial greed and growing inequality
  • Work alongside other peace and justice organisations for a more equitable, non-violent and compassionate future based on social justice and human rights and pursuit of the common good
  • Assert and support values and practices that enhance the life of all species and ecosystems
  • Learn and apply indigenous world views to all areas of life
  • Articulate and encourage post-carbon-growth scenarios
  • Revitalise local-democratic civic cultures, neighbourliness and cooperative systems of production
  • Inspire and promote viable and workable solutions to the complex challenges we all face.

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