The Activist Think Tank - NGARA is from the Darug language. It means to listen, hear and think.

The activist Think Tank

NGARA is from the Darug language.

It means to listen, hear and think.

John Pilger spoke at the rally organised by the Socialist Equality Party for Julian Assange in Sydney on 3 March, 2019.


Gillian Triggs

"Well done to the community of Mullumbimby and Northern Rivers for taking up the challenge of drafting your own Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

The draft charter provides much needed leadership in recognising the importance of the environment, of our first sovereign nations people and of the right of every person to subsistence and shelter, while also protecting the right of Parliament to revise laws to comply with human rights. 

I wish the community of Mullumbimby and Northern Rivers every success in building regional and national support for this Charter. I believe it can inspire all Australians to stand up for our democratic freedoms and responsibilities."

Gillian Triggs

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