Adani - No Still Means No

Adani - No Still Means No
Adrian and Murrawah
5 April 2016


A letter from the Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council

Dear friends,
When we launched our campaign to stop Adani’s Carmichael mine from destroying our country, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. Since we first said “no” to the Carmichael mine back in October 2014, Adani have searched for every way they can to undermine our decision.
Well, the fight’s not over. In fact it just got bigger.

We are taking on a billion dollar mining company, legislation that is stacked against us, and Governments that want to continue coal mining at the expense of our rights and country.

The next few weeks are crucial. Adani know they need our people’s consent to build their dirty mine, so they are preparing to launch one final devious effort to get what they want.
If they succeed, they will be allowed to destroy our land and rivers, and strip away our rights.

But we have a plan – and we have the courage that comes from knowing what’s right.

We are coming together this weekend to rally our people to say no to Adani for the third time. It will be three strikes and you’re out!

No longer will Adani and Governments and their backers in the media get to dictate the terms of engagement. We decide for ourselves what we want to do and what we want for our future generations.
We are setting the agenda and building the legal and political momentum to fight off Adani for good.
We will not trade away our human rights for the false promises of a foreign-owned mining company. We deserve better than being thrown the bait of a few jobs in a dirty coal pit or driving buses for fly-in fly-out workers – while Adani hopes to rake in billions of dollars.

You have been standing with us as we take on one of the most significant fights in Australia for Aboriginal rights and the protection of our country in many years. The last 18 months has been the biggest fight of our lives. 

To all the hundreds of thousands of people who support us across Australia and internationally, thank you for your support.

Please continue to stand strong with us. We can fight off Adani one last time, but we can’t do it without you.

Can you please make a donation to our campaign to stop the Carmichael mine and defend our country, our rights and our people?

Adani Mining won’t listen – they are rude and obstinate – so we will take the fight up a notch. We are planning more action in the courts and will take this fight all the way.

We won’t just make sure Adani doesn’t get our consent, we’re aiming to make sure they never get the leases they so desperately need to carry out their rapacious plans. Our struggle has implications for all of us fighting for a future free of reckless, dangerous projects like the Carmichael mine, which is why we need you to stand with us.

We will continue to fight. We are protecting Wangan and Jagalingou country from irreversible destruction, from complete devastation. We will maintain our stand against the Adani Carmichael mine. Because when we say no, we mean no.

Adrian and Murrawah,
For the Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council

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