Cataloguing The Corruption

In his most recent book, Disaster Capitalism – making a killing out of catastrophe, the irrepressible Antony Loewenstein spends 300 pages exposing the greed, corruption and destructiveness of multinational corporations in countries like Afghanistan, Haiti, the United States, Britain and Australia.

When crisis or disaster strikes, repression invades and pervades as corporations in cahoots with governments set about the tawdry task of dismantling public services and community infrastructure.
These are replaced by privatised entities hell bent on profit maximisation. Governments, finance companies, and the entire apparatus of the military-industrial-media-entertainment complex are brought to bear to ensure that countries are “open for business”.  Trade treaties and entire legal systems mobilise to solidify the status quo. Democracy itself becomes the major casualty in this unfolding project of corporate dominance.
That’s why, as Loewenstein points out, it’s vital to monitor and expose the machinations of the rich and powerful, because they rely on coercion, compliance and silence to keeps things going just as they are.

Recent books by Chomsky (plus a documentary), a new edition of Pilger’s New Rulers of the World, and Chris Hedges’s Wages of Rebellion are important reads. It’s also why we need to keep cataloguing the greed and corruption of powerful commercial entities and their acolytes.

So during this federal election keep an eye on how corporate interests are propped up by the mainstream parties.When you find examples of the above, please send them to the following email address –