Wading into War

Wading into War
Dr Liz Elliot

30 July 2016

After weeks of electioneering  candidates have not mentioned our so called “defense”policy. Yet our “dangerous ally”, as Maclom Fraser called the USA, continues to dictate invasions and wasteful spending, such as the submarine 50 billion, without either Labor or Liberal party debating the issue.

Most Western peoples opinion is now that the Iraq War II was monstrous and unwarranted. Except if you are an arms manufacturer or a strategist ringing China with bases, or a paranoid Israeli. Or possibly a bank, profiting from arms buildup. Remember a third of USA’s vast military budget is secret, so we cant say what is being plotted or for what purpose.

We do know that 1991 Pentagon/ neoliberal papers ordained a series of countries to be invaded. Oil reserves are a prime consideration, and independent banking policirs another.

Palestine, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and Russia are some of the candidates for destabilisation and invasion. Massive NATO exercises and bases in Eastern Europe, near Russia’s border, are barely reported. False Flag events like 9/11 and the plane attacked in Eastern Ukraine helps whip up anti terrorist and Putin hysteria. Putin is doubly evil; he wants a better financial system vis BRICS, and an independent foreign policy for his country. Now we have the spectre ofHillary, Killary, Monsanto board member and advocate of “ military solutions. “

The US alliance operates a pincer movement of economic speculative attacks by commodity and and currency traders, sanctions and IMF rulings, plusCIA sponsored “coloured revolutions” such as in West Ukraine, plus outright invasion. This pincer weakens and then destroys previously stable states. Human misery is barely counted. Waste of funds is barely counted.

World opinion is not counted. Brown bodies are not counted. Refugees languish in poor states near conflicts, and many march on.

Its all so unnecessary, and Australia is, as ever, ready to wade into endless conflicts, providing a figleaf for US ambition and a customer for armaments makers. Turnbull wants to solve the unemployment question with a war economy. When do the people get to make real choices about survival?