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Dismantling Neoliberalism -What you and I can do - Prof. Stuart Hill

Yes, it’s time find out what really works to extract ourselves from the neoliberal trance we have been in for far too long.  And it’s time to act!  Professor Hill will share 10 cultural-transformation strategies that actually work and are do-able now.  Professor Hill has distilled these strategies from more than 50 years of working with ‘progressive change’.   He will tell the stories of how they work and why.  You will be invited to tell your stories, and we will all participate in a revolutionary ‘visioning’ exercise that may change our lives!


Professor Hill was the Foundation Chair of the inspirational, creative and highly effective Social Ecology degree program at Western Sydney University from 1995 – 2012. He has co-authored three books: Ecological Pioneers: A Social History of Australian Ecological Thought and Action, Learning for Sustainable Living: Psychology of Ecological Transformation, and Social Ecology: Applying Ecological Understanding to our Lives and our Planet.  In the mid-1960s he did one of the very first whole-ecosystem studies; in 1974 he established the first Information Centre in a university on Ecological/Sustainable Agriculture; and in the 1980s he redesigned a coralline island to be self-sufficient in food and energy. 

Come along and be inspired and activated!

 “Dismantling Neoliberalism – What You and I Can Do” with Prof Stuart Hill

Courthouse Hotel, Mullumbimby

Wednesday 24th August 2016, 6.30 – 8.30 p.m.