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We don't need no (Neo Liberal) education

Unlearning our way out of the global mess

Dr Ben Etherington and Jeannie Rea

Education is a central part of everyday life; it should make us more aware of the world around us, guiding us to be better individuals, neighbours, community members, and citizens. But is today’s education system tied too closely to the neoliberal economy to be capable of achieving such laudable goals? 

Dr Ben Etherington and Ms Jeannie Rea will be the Politics in the Pub speakers on Wednesday 26th July.  They will help us think clearly about the values and beneficiaries of the current arrangements. Do corporations have too much say in what goes on in our schools, colleges and universities?   What are the pathways to designing an educational system for a more peaceful, sustainable, kind, less individualistic and greedy world

Dr Etherington is a lecturer at the University of Western Sydney, and Jeannie Rea is National President of the National Tertiary Education Union, a position she has held since October 2010.