About Ngara



There’s growing public awareness that globalised corporate capitalism threatens the very existence of our planet. 

This cannot be allowed to continue!

Excessive consumption, overproduction, resource depletion, environmental degradation, war and conflict, and social and spiritual disconnection are just some of the symptoms of this increasingly rapacious system.

This system needs to be changed, urgently!

Millions of people are consigned to enduring hardship and poverty while for many in the richer nations, a culture of hyper-competitiveness and self-interest has taken hold. There is also a growing divide between the rich and the poor, resulting in widespread disenchantment and political polarisation.

And things are set to get worse!

Voices opposed to this system – and there are many – have to contend with the combined power of transnational corporations, compromised politicians, lobbyists, corporate universities, the military, and mainstream media. Together these entities support and sustain the current order of things.

But contrary to what we are often told, we have not reached the ‘end of history’ and the claim that ‘there is no alternative’ rings hollow. Another world is not only possible; it’s happening right now through the actions of millions of activists around the world.

The Ngara Institute is part of the global movement.

The Ngara Institute seeks to enliven national debate through critical, independent and outspoken voices. Among our various activities we:

  • Coordinate the New Politics in the Pub - a monthly event promoting activist dialogue on topical issues
  • Support forums organised by other progressive organisations
  • Publish critical commentary on our website, Facebook and Twitter
  • Build alliances with local and international peace, human rights, environmental and justice organisations.


The Ngara Institute is not aligned to any political party, sectional interest or private enterprise.

As a not-for-profit, non-government, community-based incorporated association, our revenue is raised through donor support and events.


Ngara is a term used by the Darug people meaning to listen, hear and think. The Darug clans stretched from Broken Bay to the Blue Mountains and down to the Southern Highlands and the Illawarra.


Now, more than ever, we need to contest the neoliberal pursuit of private profit and economic growth and replace it with ethical economies and socially just practices. Among other things:

  • We propose to intervene directly and incisively in public debates, be they in mainstream media or on social media.
  • We reject the widespread trend toward secrecy and obfuscation in public affairs and instead embrace radical transparency at the heart of our agenda.
  • We argue that governments and corporations should be held publicly accountable and not hide behind bad laws and bureaucratic barriers.