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To all those who have already become Friends of Ngara,
thank you!!!

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Over the past two years the Ngara Institute has built a formidable reputation for critical and creative thinking through its Politics in the Pub events and Beyond the Pub conversations. We have also held a highly successful Ralph Summy Annual Lecture, with Julian Burnside as guest speaker, and inaugurated the Australian Activist of the Year Award, which this year went to Adrian Burragubba and Murrawah Johnson for their tireless campaign against the proposed Adani Carmichael Coal Mine in North Queensland.
Ngara’s reach extends far and wide, through its various digital platforms, its support for seminars and conferences, and through affiliations with other progressive organisations. Ngara’s aim is to challenge neoliberal orthodoxy and to support and promote alternative ways of being.

We see no viable future in the current order of things.
The Ngara Institute has received considerable public support for its activities. We are particularly pleased that some of Australia’s most eminent progressive thinkers have joined our Advisory Panel:
  • Professor Ian Lowe, author, activist, and renowned environmentalist;
  • Professor Reawyn Connell, academic, author and social commentator;
  • Dr Michelle Maloney, National Convener, Australian Earth Law Alliance;
  • Professor John Quiggin, Australian Laureate Fellow in Economics;
  • Jeannie Rea, President of the National Tertiary Education Union;
  • Murrawah Johnson, Youth spokesperson for the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council;
  • Professor Stuart Rees, academic, author and founder of the Sydney Peace Foundation;
  • Dr Nick Rose, National Coordinator of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance;
  • Dr Simon Cooper, social commentator, and member of the Arena Magazine editorial board;
  • Dr Ben Etherington, academic, and literary and social critic;
  • Professor Stuart Hill, academic and social ecologist;
  • Aidan Ricketts, activist and author;
  • Dr Charlie Brennan, social ecologist and academic;
  • Dr Jacquie Widin, academic and president of the Search Foundation;
  • Dr Alison Caddick, editor and contributor to Arena Magazine;
  • Professor Joe Camilleri, international relations scholar;
  • Jeff Sparrow, journalist and former editor of Overland.
Now we need your support!

To move to the next level, to provide a counter narrative to conservative think tanks, to get our work into the public spotlight, we need your help. Your contribution will enable the Ngara Institute to:
  • Fund a project worker/administrator, media/IT specialist, and researcher;
  • Extend our reach through digital platforms;
  • Counter the influence of conservative think tanks by critiquing their material and offering alternative perspectives;
  • Produce short and accessible research reports on the new economy, localism, sustainable practices and peace initiatives;
  • Send out regular media releases;
  • Circulate original articles and other forms of commentary via our media outlets;
  • Build alliances with progressive organisations;
  • Offer active support to national and international justice campaigns;
  • Promote public forums for discussion of alternatives to the current order.
Your investment in us matters!
How much does it cost to become a Friend of Ngara?
  • $50 per year (October 2017 - October 2018)
  • $25 concession per year (October 2017 - October 2018)
Should you wish to donate more, please do so!

What’s in it for you?
As a Friend of the Ngara Institute, you will also receive:
  • An annual Friend of Ngara card;
  • Discounted entry to Ngara events, activities and workshops;
  • Regular e-updates and e-newsletters;
  • The amazing feeling that you are contributing to an organisation focused on changing the national conversation and building a better world.
Another world is emerging right now, let’s hasten the process, together!
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Yours sincerely,

Dr Richard Hil,
Ngara Institute Convenor
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